The DA01 crop grinder is excelently available to working in small garden, in household plot at grinding seed crops. With accessories it can be crop or clover grinder as well. Accessories are available at the Szevafem.
Technical data
Motor 1~M90CBS2
Motor-achivement 1,5 kW
Motor-revolution number 2800 min-1
Height 1060 mm
Width 700 mm
Lenght 580 mm
Noise level 85 dB/A
Weight 33,5 kg
Diameter of the knife 260 mm
Knifes 15
Achivement 120-150 kg/h
Diameter of the fan 3 mm, 5 mm


Szevafém Kft. Kapcsolat
6728 Szeged, Makai út 108.