Szevafém Kft.


The steel and metal co-coperative in Szeged was established with 22 members.

At the beginning the company was dealing with locksmith works and metal repairs. In 1950 the company expanded to 42 members and changed location, the company premise became in Vadasz street. Two years later worked with 72 members and the areas of activity is expanded as well with structural iron blazier and electrician jobs.

In 1959 the company moved to the current location, to the Katay street. The company started the work to manufacture specific machines for cannery and agricultural purposes. The machine tool manifacturing was started in 1966. 70% of the production came from the machinery engineering and 30% came from the production of the mass type items. At that time the number of the members were 400 and because of the growing demand of the export market, we had to open a new site at the town Mako. In 1960 and 1970 we produced to the former East-German and Russian market in large quantities according to the needs. From the 90’s the priority was the agricultural machinery because of the rearrangement of the market conditions.


The company, with 70 members, currently main supplier to other Hungarian and German agricultural machinery manufacturer companies. We also sell agricultural and food processing machines and spare parts in our shop in Szeged. We built a service network, which covers the whole country and most of our products are available and can be ordered in the Farmers Shops.

Szevafém Kft. Kapcsolat
6728 Szeged, Makai út 108.