Szevafém Kft.

Over the years with our expeirence we establised our futute. For our machines by own developing and producing offer not just a service and parts supply but a complate solution from drawing board to finished product.

Our service portfolio also in form of contract manufacturing see as below:

  • machining: milling, welding, production of driving-gears
  • production of tools and frames
  • cold-forming: bender, deep-drawing, pressing
  • sheet working: cutting
  • metal tanks, tubes, forming by bending
  • production of steel and metal constraction
  • molding
  • heat treatment
  • surface treatment: powder-coating, manual painting, granula painting

Machining capacity, machinery


  • milling (CNC-lathe-turning, CNC milling,
  • CNC grinding), drilling , boring (lease–work and contract manufacturing)
  • general machine construction (suite production)
  • special machines (hydraulic and pneumatic components)
  • production of fittings and appliance
  • prodcution of driving-gears

Production of tools and frames

  • milling machines, lathe-turning, welding
  • tools for sheet forming
  • pressing tools
  • jar


  • flenge, bender, deep drawing, pressing

Sheet working

  • working of soft and robustic sheets
  • steel, stainless steel, light metal sheets

Metal tanks, tubes

  • tube bender: falvastagság: 33mm x 207mm,
    hossz: 2-3m

Steel and metal constructions

  • welded contructions
  • conveyor and shelving construcions


  • for little series

Bandsaw, frame saw


  • hagyományos eszterga D 400mm, megmunkálási hossz:1800 mm
  • CNC eszterga D250 mm, megmunkálási hossz:1400mm


  • horizontál marógép (X,Y,Z-600/300/300)
  • univerzális marógép(X,Y,Z-600/300/300)
  • CNC marógép(X,Y,Z-500/450/500)


  • asztali-állványos fúrógépek D50 mm
  • sugárfúrógép

Rack machines

  • inside and outside
  • wormgear, worm axle, sprocket-wheel

Rabbet milling


  • síkköszörű, palástköszörű L=1000m, furatköszörű


  • snips
  • flame cutting
  • plasma cutting

Sheet working, forming

  • flenge
  • pressing
  • deep drawing
  • bending
  • rolling

Molding process: jar

  • types of moldings:
  • non-ferrous metals
  • mechanical working

Heat treatment: annealing, case harding

  • kemence mérete: 100x50x40cm (1000°C)
  • kemence mérete: 70x40x30cm (300°C)
  • kemence mérete: 50x20x20cm (1200°C)

Surface treatment

  • powder-coating
  • manual painting, granule painting(metal)
  • polishing


  • MIG/MAG/WIG, plasma welding, aluminium, stainless steel, steel constructions


  • Solid edge V11


  • acélszerkezetek szerelése, csőszerelvények szerelése
  • teljes berendezések, szétszerelése és összeszerelése.

Szevafém Kft. Kapcsolat
6728 Szeged, Makai út 108.