The rotary cultivator RK44 is excelently available to working in small garden, in household plot, at soil cultivation and weed control. It is also useful in gardening workshops and walk-in plastic tunnels at soil work. The amount of the crop depends on the condition and structure of the soil and weed control. The RK44 helps to get the job done easily and fast to reach the best results.

Technical application:
The hackshaft is driven by V-belt and chain. The drive can be turn on/off by pulling and releasing the V-belt tension roller. This can be done by the crank-handle on the left horn. The revolution number can be changed from the right horn of the cultivator. The RK44 has a reverse gear drive option operated by a special V-belt and friction wheel. This can be done by pulling the left and releasing the right crank-handle.

Technical data
Motor 3,5 HP Tecumseh
Number of hacks 2×2
Working wide 355-516 mm
Working depth 150 mm
Weight 32 kg
Noise level LWA: 92.69dB/A
LPA: 80.08dB/A



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