The FG09 lawn-mower made by Szevafem is available to working in household plot, in weekend cottages, grass fields, parks, residencial areas. The lawn mower can gather the grass into a grass-sack or dump it out on the ground. The FG09 can be ordered with engine.

Technical application:
The parts of the lawn mower are the followes: frame, motor, adjustable driven wheels, gatherer sack, rotary blade, grass ejector.

Technical data
Motor 3,75 HP Briggs
Working wide 430 mm
Speed 3 km/h
Working height 23, 34, 45, 56, 67 mm
Noise level LWA = 96 dB/A
LPA = 86 dB/A


Szevafém Kft. Kapcsolat
6728 Szeged, Makai út 108.